Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snow Plows from Hell...

They come in the night, shaking the ground like an earthquake.  I know there's a contest to see which snow plow driver can inflict the most damage on homeowners.  I witnessed one going about 50 mph racing past my house like the hounds of hell were after him... I believe it's some kind of test.  "Does picking up speed catapult the snow farther into their yards?"....why, yes, Horatio, it does:

This was our driveway (we have a drive-thru half circle...or did, at one time) after the plow came through.  My son and I had just shoveled, so I KNOW it was not hip deep at that time...LOL.  You can actually SEE where he stopped and made several "pushes" to shove the snow right up to the wall of the portico!!!  The nerve!

Now, I know they have a tough job, right?  I mean, it's hard to make really good money working for the town, with benefits and all.  But do they have to TRY to destroy your yard, mailboxes, and driveway access?  Yes, I believe they do.  It's like an unwritten rule or something.  If you want to drive a plow, you have to be either mean or a really, really bad driver to begin with.

Here's a good example of how he came down the road..if you look further up in the pic, you'll see the "line" he was following.  You can see it starting to curve over so he does the most damage in front of my house!  It's like he purposefully CUT IN to come onto my actual's a little hard to see, but look just to the right of that parked car to see the angle of the plow blade...then look closer to my house in the forefront of the pic... you can see the angle clearly cutting in!

So here's what I'm gonna do...I think next winter, right after the first light snowfall, I'll put up spike strips.  Let's see how fast he goes after that!!  LOL...wouldn't you LOVE to see that one?  Just kidding, of course, but in my mind, I've run that scenario over and over...hahahahahaha

This whole thing amazes me, as last year they tore up my lawn, they set the plow so low and cut too far in.  People told me I was crazy if I thought they were going to do anything to rectify it.  Well, they trotted their little butts down and graded my lawn.  Now, don't you think they might have learned something from that experience?  I am a force to be reckoned with!  Needless to say, we'll be having a little "chat" this week!  Maybe I'll apply for the job.  Hell, I can do at least a comparable job, don't you think?  I mean, apparently you don't have to really know what you're doing, so I'm sure I could qualify...hmmmm.....

Okay, well, thanks for letting me vent...if any of you who live in snow country have the same problem with their snow plows, please leave your thoughts!!

And if you don't live in snow country?  Consider yourselves lucky!