Monday, April 2, 2012

Taking credit cards at shows

Okay, folks...if you're even still following me, I apologize for no posts. I did NOT fall off the face of the earth! I swear there's not enough time in the day for everything that pulls on us.

I wanted to post a quick note about all you artisans out there. If you've ever had trouble finding a good credit card company, I have your solution!

After much research, I finally found a wonderful company. If any of you have done shows, you know you could retire if you had a nickel for every time someone said, "You take cards, right?".

I went with a company that charges me $15 a month, with no equipment to buy. The transaction fees and percentages of the sales are much less than other companies, and are even lower than PayPal!

So, if anyone needs help in this area, just email me and I'll send you all the info and hook you up with a great rep from the company. When you deal with the company, you will have one person you will speak with, not a hundred. If you call and your rep isn't available, you will speak with someone. No leaving messages on answering machines. I know, right? Miracle of miracles! Whenever I've called, I've usually always gotten my rep, and when I didn't, someone was on the other end of the phone to help me. If I preferred to speak with only my rep, she called me back promptly.

My email is On a personal note, I want to let you know that since I began taking cards at shows, my sales have tripled!

Now, onto other things. I promised a long time ago to start featuring other artisans on my blog. I've been remiss in doing so, and I apologize. I'm afraid my schedule is so packed that I hardly have time to list things on my ArtFire studio.

As soon as I have some time, I will get that going. Thanks for your patience, and I'll try to be better about blogging! I feel like my she got older, she never wanted to learn new things. Now I know why. She prized her free time!