Monday, December 21, 2009


I just got off the phone with a wonderful woman named Lisa...a Californian with a tremendously generous spirit and sense of humor (  We were reminiscing about times gone by and it triggered a funny memory for me.

I grew up with a Ukrainian mother and English father.  The English history can wait, but the Ukrainian bit will tickle you.  We were talking about how our parent(s) would speak their native language when they didn't want little ears to be privy to certain conversations.  It reminded me of a story my mom told about her own childhood.

My grandmother knew a little English, but mainly spoke her native tongue to my mom and her siblings.  Well, one day, while my mother was instructed to kneel and say her prayers, my grandmother was supervising.  My mom started the prayer and would pause.  My grandmother would say (and I'm not spelling this right) "Adalla".  My mom replied, "Adalla".  My grandma repeated the word, only with much more insistence.."A-DALLA".  Mom..."A-DALLA".  Grandma again..."A-DA-LLA!!!".  So Mom tried it with real feeling now..."A-DA-LLA!!!".  

Well, my grandmother was so frustrated because she thought my mom was mocking her!  After swatting my mom in the noggin', Mom finally said, "Ma!  I don't know what you're saying!".  Get a load of grandma was telling her to CONTINUE! 

May this holiday season bring back to mind the wonderful, funny memories you cherish.  Hold them close!  For those of us who have lost the people we love, these memories are a way to bring them into our hearts at Christmas and all through the year.  

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