Saturday, January 16, 2010

Remembering Angela

A very dear friend passed away this week, and the world lost a little bit of its light.  Angela was the type of person that stole your heart before you knew what was happening.  She had a sharp, sometimes wicked (!) sense of humor, didn't mince words, and had a laugh that was so infectious, before you knew it, you found yourself cracking up.

Ange was always there to smooth the rough edges, join in the fun, correct a negative behavior, or bring common sense to hysteria...she knew dwelling on or ranting about something wasn't going to fix it.  She had this way of putting things into perspective that left you feeling relieved, even if the situation was not resolved.

When I was pregnant with my son, I was fretting about what I was going to do since his father was no longer in the picture.  I remember I was to the "hand wringing" stage, and Angela looked at me with what I like to call "the look", and said simply, "What are you worried about?  God feeds the birds, doesn't He?".  That simple statement, said with such conviction, immediately switched my gears.  That was over sixteen years ago, and I remember it like it was yesterday.  I recall those simple words again and again when I am feeling anxious or stressed.  Angela was my rock, and I'm not sure she knew to what extent.

There will be a hole in the place that Angela occupied in my heart.  She touched so many people in so many different ways, yet she would argue with me about that if she were here now.  She was most definitely one of a kind...a rare gem in an otherwise harsh world.  I will miss her every day, but I thank God He brought us together those many years ago.  I am the better for knowing her.  God Bless you, Angela, and may you find the peace and wholeness you so richly deserve.  I will love you all of my life.

November 20, 1931 - January 13, 2010


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